From McDonald’s To Mega-Developer: Art Falcone

At 22 years old, Art Falcone became the youngest operator of a McDonald’s franchise. Not long there, he quickly became the owner and operator of more than 100 McDonald’s. Wendy’s and other family-style restaurants throughout New York, Florida, and California. Now, as co-founder and Managing Principal of Encore Capital Management, he’s the visionary behind a number of world-class, mixed-use developments including Miami Worldcenter, Margaritaville Resort Orlando and Plantation Walk.

Miami Worldcenter is one of the largest master-planned urban environments in the United States. Spanning more than 30 acres across nine blocks in the heart of downtown Miami, the project allows for more than 15 million square feet of mixed-use, multi-billion-dollar development, including retail, restaurants and entertainment, hotel, residential and office. In Broward County, Plantation Walk will be a true 21st-century neighborhood at the site of the former Plantation Fashion Mall. The $350•million projects infuse resort-level hospitality throughout a walkable, seamlessly connected community of shopping, dining, entertainment, living and working.

In the heart of Orlando, Art and his team are focused on the highly anticipated Margaritaville Resort Orlando. The $750-million. 300-acre development offers the 187-room Margaritaville hotel. 900 resort rental homes, 300 timeshare units and a 12• acre, multi-million•dollar water park. The project, which sits on 40 acres of lagoons and lakes, is currently under construction.

In addition to those projects, Art’s team is developing multifamily and luxury condos from L.A. and San Francisco to Portland. Austin and Dallas.
I’ve worked in every position in this company. so I understand what everyone’s job is said Falcone. “The best way to become a strong leader is to set a strong example, work hard and handle everything with integrity. I would never expect something from one of my employees that I wouldn’t be prepared to do myself.”

Prior to Encore Capital Management. Art formed the home building and land development company Transeastern Properties, Inc. which he sold in 2005 for a total consideration of $1.6 billion in one of the largest private transactions in the history of home building and land sales.
Outside of the office, Art is committed to the South Florida community. He is a major donor for SOS Children’s Villages Florida in Broward County. where he’s known as the go-to guy with a warm heart who has overseen and paid for the renovation of 13 homes for foster children.
He a true gift to our organization and the entire South Ronda community: said SOS Executive Director Jillian Smith.

CEO and Managing Principal Encore Capital Management
One Town Center Road, Suite 600 Boca Raton, FL 33486